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  • CRM131 Packshot

    New Release

    ~ Fur Coat

    Catalogue Number CRM131
    Released August 25th, 2014

    Venezuelan wonder producers Fur Coat step up for a triumphant return to their spiritual home of Crosstown Rebels armed with a solid stack of weapons to vamp up the dancefloor. Showcasing the duo’s most thoughtful and restrained material to date, the ‘U Turn EP’ is a deep and moody tour de force, technically on point and awash with hypnotic bleeps, dramatic tension and shards of vintage techno. Damian Lazarus has consistently hammered all 4 cuts of late and ‘U Turn’

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  • News Image


    Attack Magazine: My Studio - Mathew Jonson

    I started building this studio in December 2012. The last building I was in got torn down to make room for fancy apartments. This is happening everywhere to art spaces in Berlin at the moment. I much prefer this one anyways though, so no loss. I brought my modular acoustic furniture with me from the last studio so all I really needed to do was put in carpet and bass traps in the back wall. So far it’s been used for some Cobblestone Jazz tracks, Modern Deep Left Quartet, some solo work and remixes for Quenum and Subb-an. It was a long summer of touring so I’m looking forwards to working this winter. View the full gallery - here<...  more

  • CRM130 Packshot

    New Release

    Ragged Star
    ~ Raw District

    Catalogue Number CRM130
    Released July 28th, 2014

    With a decade of presenting exciting new talent behind them, Crosstown Rebels press on, signing up Belgian duo Raw District for their impressive debut on the label after a storming sophomore release on Defected sub label DFTD put them firmly on the radar. The ‘Ragged Star EP’ featuring live vocalists Ellipsis and Giorgia Angiuli is two compelling original cuts combining hypnotic, swinging grooves in the languidly deep Detroit-laced ‘Ragged Star’ and contrasting textures a

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  • News Image


    Soundwall Premiere Fur Coat 'Borsch'

    Italian electronic music magazine Soundwall premiere Fur Coat's new track 'Borsch' coming soon on Crosstown Rebels. Listen to the track - here

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Tour Dates

  • Fur Coat - Fri 29th Aug, 2014
    Flash, Washington DC, US
  • Mathew Jonson - Sat 30th Aug, 2014
    Suma Beach, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Maceo Plex - Sun 31st Aug, 2014
    Jardins de Joan Brossa, Barcelona, Spain
  • Damian Lazarus - Thu 4th Sep, 2014
    Bestival, Ise of White, UK
  • Fur Coat - Fri 5th Sep, 2014
    Flying Circus, Ibiza, Spain
  • Infinity Ink - Fri 5th Sep, 2014
    Esplanade J4, Marseille, France
  • Maceo Plex - Fri 5th Sep, 2014
    Nordstern, Basel, Switzerland
  • Art Department - Fri 12th Sep, 2014
    AA Docks, Anderlecht, Belgium
  • Mathew Jonson - Fri 12th Sep, 2014
    AA Docks, Anderlecht, Belgium
  • Subb-an - Sat 13th Sep, 2014
    The Social Festival, Kent, UK
  • Art Department - Sat 13th Sep, 2014
    The Social Festival, Kent, UK
  • Mathew Jonson - Sat 13th Sep, 2014
    Opium Rooms, Dublin, Ireland
  • Fur Coat - Sat 13th Sep, 2014
    Ceremony Festival, London, UK
  • Fur Coat - Sat 13th Sep, 2014
    Egg, London, UK
  • Fur Coat - Thu 18th Sep, 2014
    Motion, Bristol, UK
  • Maceo Plex - Thu 18th Sep, 2014
    Mondo, Madrid, Spain
  • Art Department - Fri 19th Sep, 2014
    Zig Zig, Paris, France
  • Mathew Jonson - Fri 19th Sep, 2014
    Watergate, Berlin, Germany
  • Art Department - Sat 20th Sep, 2014
    Mint Festival, Leeds, UK
  • Maceo Plex - Sat 20th Sep, 2014
    Mint Festival, Leeds, UK
  • Infinity Ink - Wed 24th Sep, 2014
    DC10, Ibiza, Spain
  • Maceo Plex - Thu 25th Sep, 2014
    Space, Ibiza, Spain
  • Art Department - Sat 27th Sep, 2014
    Klubnacht, Berlin, Germany
  • Maceo Plex - Sat 27th Sep, 2014
    TBA, New York, Us
  • Mathew Jonson - Sun 28th Sep, 2014
    Sankeys, Ibiza, Spain
  • Mathew Jonson - Sun 28th Sep, 2014
    Kiesgrube, Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Maceo Plex - Sun 28th Sep, 2014
    Kiesgrube, Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Mathew Jonson - Wed 1st Oct, 2014
    Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna, Italy
  • Mathew Jonson - Thu 2nd Oct, 2014
    Goethebunker, Dortmund / Essen, Germany
  • Fur Coat - Fri 3rd Oct, 2014
    TBC Club, Brisbane, OZ
  • Fur Coat - Sun 5th Oct, 2014
    Revolver Upstairs, Brisbane, OZ
  • Art Department - Fri 10th Oct, 2014
    02 Academy, Bournemouth, UK
  • Art Department - Sat 11th Oct, 2014
    Fabric, London, UK
  • Fur Coat - Sat 11th Oct, 2014
    Labyrinth Club, Antwerp, Belgium
  • Maceo Plex - Wed 15th Oct, 2014
    ADE, Amsterdam Holland
  • Damian Lazarus - Thu 16th Oct, 2014
    Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Holland
  • Art Department - Thu 16th Oct, 2014
    Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Holland
  • Fur Coat - Thu 16th Oct, 2014
    Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Holland
  • Mathew Jonson - Sat 18th Oct, 2014
    Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland
  • Infinity Ink - Sat 18th Oct, 2014
    The Great Suffolk St Warehouse, London, UK
  • Mathew Jonson - Mon 20th Oct, 2014
    TBA, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Mathew Jonson - Sun 2nd Nov, 2014
    Origami, Tokyo, Japan


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