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Born in the 70s in the Bavaria region of Germany, Martin Gretschmann started to play bass guitar in a punk/indie  band in the late eighties, whilst at the same time becoming interested in the evolution of electronic music and its  instruments.  

The introduction of affordable samplers in that period led him towards the production of his first electronic tracks.  His initial forays under the name “Console” were released in 1995, and with the help of an Atari computer, a four-  track tape machine, a sampler and a small synthesizer, he made his first album, “Pan or ama”, released in 1996. 

Around this same time he joined the band “The Notwist”, tasked with handling the electronic spectrum of their  music, and has been a constant member since. His “Console” project also became a band, when Gretschmann  realized that playing live with friends was much more fun than being a one man performance. After releasing  several records and remixes, doing radio shows (together with Andreas Ammer), and touring extensively, Martin  decided to begin a new solo project once again. Acid Pauli is a club oriented live set that morphed over the years  into an advanced DJ performance, incorporating not only techno and house but a wide variety of music across  all genres beyond dance music, without ever losing sight of the dance floor itself.  

In 2004 the transcontinental group “13&God” was added to the long list of bands Gretschmann has been  involved with, formed out of members of “The Notwist” and the experimental hip hop crew “Themselves” (from  Oakland, California).  He joined with a small group of people in Munich in 2005 to open what has become one of  the most renown clubs in Germany, “Rote Sonne”, a playground for international talent, from DJs and live acts,  to bands. More recently Acid Pauli has been reaching newer audiences further afield with the help of the  venerable Crosstown Records family, having beautifully mixed the fifth installment of their high profile 'Get Lost'  mix series in late 2012, and being featured on coveted label showcase parties around the globe.


  • Acid Pauli Photo
  • Acid Pauli Photo

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