Oct 30

Introducing Serge Devant – Flux Music

Serge Devant‘s career has followed a trajectory unlike any of his counterparts’. Spending his childhood at St Petersburg Music School he recalls a time watching his friends play outdoors as he slaved away to Chopin and Bach. Not understanding how any of this could be useful to him he emigrated to New York aged fourteen; from there his world changed.

Having left a crumbling communist state he began a new education influenced by the likes of Carl Cox, Underworld and Prodigy. Devant, finally free of the classroom, became immersed almost immediately in the New York scene. Looking back he observes the natural progression he made towards the DJ and producer he is now thankful for the education  he received both in the classrooms of St Petersburg and the streets of New York.

This Hollywood style story has come included with a Hollywood lifestyle. Serge has spent the past summer seasoning in Ibiza, playing Burning Man alongside the likes of Carl Cox and Jamie Jones and releasing on Damian Lazarus‘s Crosstown Rebels label. He seems to have entered the highest stratosphere of DJ.

We caught him on his was to the Amnesia Closing Party where he very kindly took the time out to explain all.

Read the full interview here on Flux Music -> http://bit.ly/IntroSerge