Mar 16

Kaltblut Premiere Kevin Knapp feat. Baby Luck ‘Find Me’

Making his debut on Rebellion, a label that champions music for the early hours, famed DJ, producer and vocalist Kevin Knapp has created four original tracks for the Crosstown Rebels imprint. Ten years since first crossing paths with Damian Lazarus, the stars have finally aligned, resulting in the Find Me EP. Baby Luck aka Brittany Ballard features on ‘Find Me’ with her first ever vocal recording. Lifelong friends, her dynamic vocal fits perfectly over the bubbling baseline. “It’s been super dope working with a vocalist other than myself, and solely wearing the producer’s hat in that creative dynamic. You can expect a bunch more of that, for sure. Really buzzing about all of the circumstances surrounding the whole EP. Hope you enjoy!” – Kevin Knapp

Read the full feature and listen to ‘Find Me’ here 

Mar 15

Damian Lazarus ‘Miami Beasts’ Beatport Chart

Damian Lazarus hand-picks some of his digital beasts for Beatport in the latest chart before the Rebels descend onto Miami for the 12th Session of Get Lost.

Including tracks from Joeski, Mihai Popoviciu, Pale Blue, Rowee and John Monkman. View the full chart here


Mar 15
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 17.52.26

Kevin Knapp Talks To 6am About San Francisco & His Forthcoming “Find Me” EP

Austin-bred, San Francisco-schooled producer, DJ and vocalist, Kevin Knapp has emerged from the ever-bustling electronic music scene of the Bay Area to become one of the most exciting up-and-coming artists in today’s house music scene.

Versatile in his productions and DJ sets, Kevin takes no prisoners with an approach that sees him always striving to get the dance floor rocking, with releases on labels such as Hot Creations, Dirtybird, Poker Flat, Sanity, Lost, Viva Music and Truesoul a testament to his prowess and prolificness in the studio. A man of many skills, the US born artist started out by DJing in San Francisco for notorious clubs such as Werd and Housepitality and after relocating to Berlin his career catapulted and a global touring schedule ensued.

On March 17th he is scheduled to release his next EP entitled Find Me and introducing Baby Luck aka Brittany Ballard, who makes her first ever vocal recording for this project. Distinguished for his jacking house cuts, Kevin has a created a deeply charming EP, reinforcing his position within the dance scene. The four-track release, which is all originals, will be coming out on Rebellion, one of Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels sister labels, and includes two tracks that were premiered by Pete Tong on the same night during one of his esteemed BBC Radio 1 Friday night shows.

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Mar 09
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Tsugi Premiere Joeski’s New Single ‘Tribute To Obatala’

When he comes out a little tech-house, his favourite style, Joeski can be a real explorer of the house. From discs to records, the New Yorker varies the pleasures by proposing influences sometimes African, sometimes disco, when he does not move towards the dub or the deep-house. We think The Groundfloor and The Sax Attack on Siesta Music in Lessons In Dub at Poker Flat Recordings or even “House The Casbah” his edit of the Clash.

Tomorrow, Friday 10 March, Joeski goes even further by paying tribute to the African god Obatalá with Tribute EP available at Crosstown Rebels . To get back to listening properly to this record, you first need to know a little about the subject. Obatalá is a god, an orisha in African, born of Yoruba mythology, he is a creative deity, he is considered the father of the orishas and all the humanity. It is he who protects, judges and defends his beings. So it was to this god that Joeski decided to dedicate his last EP . ” I want to do this tribute for some time now.

We present today exclusively a first excerpt of this mystical EP . A tribal piece in which Joeski plays for more than seven minutes African percussions and chants, kick house, techno beat playing with drops and climbs.

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Feb 20
Feb 16

Purple TV Presents Fade To Me Official Music Video By Hannah Holland & Josh Caffe

Nightlife queen of underground dance floors HANNAH HOLLAND makes her debut on Crosstown Rebels with “Fade To Me” featuring her longtime partner in crime DJ and vocalist JOSH CAFFE. With this electric track, HOLLAND and CAFFE bring their signature sound that in their own words it’s “sleazy as hell!” while German duo Tuff City Kids provide a remix that ups the tempo and twists the sound into their own.

The visionary multimedia artist and music director ROGER SPY expertly directed the psychedelic experimental music video, which he describes as a “deep, sexy, underground beats set against a Warholesque, lo-fi experiment in which the subject melts and morphs from ‘reality’ into an alien creature that is remodelled/decaying in its own hyper color otherworldly bodily fluids. This piece is seen through early cinemascope colors embezzled in Sci-Fi, B-movie language, in a world that rests somewhere between DAVID CRONENBERG’s Videodrome and CHRIS CUNNINGHAM’s/APHEX TWIN‘s Rubber Johnny.”

Feb 12

DJ Mag Premiere Tuff City Kids Remix of Hannah Holland’s Fade To Me

Hannah Holland makes her debut on Crosstown Rebels with ‘Fade To Me’, featuring her long standing collaborator, friend and fellow Londoner, Josh Caffe. Cult favourites Tuff City Kids — aka Gerd Janson & Philip Lauer — step up with a remix and dub to complete this stellar collection.

DJ Mag get the exclusive first play of the remix version of ‘Fade To Me’  – read the full article and listen to Tuff City Kids remix here

Feb 10

Satori Takes Us On A Meditative Journey With His Latest Selects For 22tracks

Satori was born to a Serbian father and South African mother and creates meditative music using a range of instruments such as the piano, kora, kalimba, and guitar. He has recently started a collaboration with South African charity Bridges for Music (Richie Hawtin, Skrillex, Luciano and Black Coffee all previously involved) and performed at Boiler Room’s 2016 ADE show.

His new release with Matthew Dear & Ewan Pearson on remix duty is out now and we’ve asked the producer to take us on a meditative journey.

Satori: “When I was asked to make a playlist for 22 tracks on meditation I didn’t want to come up with your standard – cheering birds, the sound of wind and a panflute – meditation music. All 22 tracks are songs that have a powerful grounding effect on me. After I come home from touring or a big studio session I play this music to clear my mind and reconnect with myself.

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Feb 03

Damian Lazarus Talks Day Zero On Billboard

“I’m not a massively superstitious guy, but I do believe in magic.”

It’s 1 p.m. in Tulum, Mexico, and Damian Lazarus is rummaging through a bowl of chilaquiles with steak. There’s a warm, light drizzle in the background, and Damian’s words are alive with rumination.

“Maybe not everything we see is everything that’s there,” Damian muses. “I do my fair bit of research into magic and the power of illusion.”

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Jan 26

Magnetic Magazine Premiere Satori’s New Single Imani’s Dress

How long did it take for you to finish Imani’s Dress?

Satori: It took me around three months. After about three weeks I had set up the main hook and lyrics and was really happy with it. I knew that I could make a track out of it but I was repeatedly sucked into the composition. I think I had about 5 different versions of the track out of the hook and lyrics but I was never happy with the result. To be honest, there was a moment that I was thinking about stopping the project. But after a while, I think two months, it was suddenly just there! Suddenly the composition just flowed and the tension building and breaks were interesting.  

Once I had found that original shape I finished the track in no time.

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Jan 05
Dinky (1)

Dinky Looks Back On 2016 With Big Shot

How was 2016 for you? It was a great year, thank you. I basically started touring again more in 2016 after a break, and I feel great. The parties I played were medium or small but always full and with a great crowd.

Highlights? Sandbox in Egypt and Panorama Bar

Lowlights? Brexit, Trump and too many great clubs being shut

Song of the year: Låpsley – Operator (DJ Koze’s Extended Disco Version)

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Make more songs!

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Dec 20

Skream ‘You Know, Right?’ Music Video Premiere – Mixmag

Skream’s 2016 track ‘You Know, Right?’ has got it’s own video, produced by Somesuch, and we’ve got the exclusive debut. It captures Kerry Boyd, aka Mr Shapes, somewhat of a shuffling icon from south London, doing what he does best on 16mm camera. First he’s cutting moves in a garden, kitted out in a tracksuit, then what looks to be his family home, an Overground train, before taking the dance into a club.

“What could have been just another ‘subculture’ video feels a lot more than that. Kezza is a very interesting guy and I feel like this is a small insight into his life, which to date has been a turbulent one,” video director Dan Emmerson said.

Dec 16

Matthew Dear and Ewan Pearson Remix Satori – XLR8R

Matthew Dear and Ewan Pearson have remixed Satori on his Imani’s Dress EP, the first snippet of his forthcoming album due for release this Spring on Crosstown Rebels.

Imani’s Dress was the spark for the creation of Satori’s debut album after Damian Lazarus heard it and requested to hear more. Satori then locked himself in a secluded studio and finished the album, and soon after it was signed to Crosstown Rebels. “”Imani’s Dress” is the track that put this collaboration into motion,’ explains Satori. ‘This track is special and the logical first single.”

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Dec 10

Day Zero 2017


Opening Ceremony with

Day Zero’s Lineup Emerges for January 13 in The Jungle of Tulum

Featuring Âme (dj), Bedouin, Damian Lazarus, Dinky, Dixon, DJ Three, Lum, Mathew Jonson, Metrika, Satori, Serge Devant, and Very Special Back to Back Sets

A convergence of mysticism, music, natural wonder and apocalyptic sentiment spawned Day Zero on the final day of the Ancient Mayan Calendar in 2012. In its subsequent four chapters, it has evolved, awakening a community of curious thrill seekers and adventurers from all four corners of the globe, pulled to the Mayan jungles surrounding Tulum to celebrate the magic of one of the world’s singular events, soundtracked by some of its most exciting artists.

Day Zero has come to reflect the seamless ebb and flow of its jungle habitat, a sacred space where the sonic tools of the ancient world meet that of the new. As the event takes in sunrises and sunsets and deep late moments, one can’t help but feel the venue’s profound energy spilling forth from its caves, cenotes, and naturally formed amphitheater. It is the unparalleled vibe of this unique location, paired with Damian Lazarus musical curation, that has created a unique infusion from which the world’s best electronic music can be properly experienced in mind, body and spirit.

2016 saw the event hit full stride as it welcomed Cirque Du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte’s Red Moon to the fold, as the curator of some of the planet’s most unique and immersive environments and otherworldly performances. It was this year that Billboard Magazine reflected that Day Zero could go down in ‘party history’,

2017 will welcome a finely tuned cast of musical visionaries as Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels continues its 14 year triumph as one of the most boundary pushing names in modern dance music. Joining Lazarus in 2017 will be Crosstown cohorts like Dinky, DJ Three, Serge Devant, Mathew Johnson, and Metrika, as well as representatives from other like minded global crews such as Innervisions Âme and Dixon.

Day Zero has fostered a means for introspection through a reimagination of modern-rave and a chance for its unique community to reconnect and reawaken for the year to come.

Crosstown Rebels background
The Crosstown Rebels started their mission in 2003 powered by a modern electronic canon spearheaded by Damian Lazarus. The label has inspired countless unforgettable dance floor moments and nurtured many universally adored music makers. Soon to be entering its fourteenth year at the forefront of future-moving dance music, Crosstown Rebels remains the electronic pioneering force of the past decade.

Press Quotes

Billboard – “Every single element of the experience was acutely curated by a man that has built a career on knowing precisely what he wants and for having a keen knack at articulating it. “

Pulse Radio – “On the periphery of the jungle dancefloor gangly stilted circus performers bumped and shuffled as fire dancers spun relentlessly to the sound of Damian Lazarus working his signature worldly house”

Mixmag – “…a party you can’t help but get lost in.”

Fest300 – “Day Zero blends traditional Mayan ceremonies, local performers, arts, the lush magic of the Mayan Riviera, top house and techno talent, and the support of Damian Lazarus’s Crosstown Rebels to guide attendees’ through 24 hours of cultural, musical and self exploration in the jungle.”

Dec 05

Dancing Astronaut Premiere: Nice7 & Dirty Channels ‘Feelings’

Italian DJ duos Nice7 & Dirty Channels have teamed up for their first collaborative EP, Feelings, arriving on Damian Lazarus’ seminal Crosstown Rebels label with two exceptional acid-tinged original tracks along with a groove-laden heavy remix from Nathan Barato.

“Both ‘Feelings’ and ‘Juno’ were influenced by our passion for analog synths and vocal samples together with acid house” the foursome said. “After testing them we realised how powerful they were and sent them to Damian who immediately gave us his support.”

The EP’s title track “Feelings” is an arresting acid-dipped affair that features thick 303 squelches, a humming barrage of electronics, and excellent use of the classic “Need You Now” vocals to create an undeniable peak-time smash.

Building around an addictive acid riff, the Italian foursome chops up “don’t hold back the feeling” into a dark enticing sequence that conjures raucous Chicago warehouse vibes. Urging the listener to give in, devious synths hiss and crackle as the acid line bobs and weaves with deviance around the vocals. The resulting EP is an assemblage of three strong acid house tracks with old school roots built for today and beyond.