Dec 05

Fur Coat – Clash Music

Fur Coat have always had a close relationship with Crosstown Rebels. The label helped launch the production duo and – time and time again – they return to the powerhouse imprint.

New EP ‘Numbers’ keeps this relationship flowing, with Fur Coat collating some fresh ideas, some new innovation. A potent three-tracker, the EP drops on October 28th and has that crisp, cool feel only an Autumn release can provide.

With that in mind, Clash invited Fur Coat to pick out some chilled sounds for the fall of the year –

Dec 05

Dinky Selects – 22 Tracks

Dinky is an eclectic, classically trained musician who never limits herself to one style or genre. Born in Chile, raised in New York and now based in Berlin, she is the epitome of what an international artist is.

To celebrate the release of her brand new EP ‘Slowly‘ she serves us a flawless blend of (vocal) house and disco echoing her own musical journey.

Nov 07

Day Zero 2017


Day Zero’s Lineup Emerges for January 13 in The Jungle of Tulum.

Featuring Âme, Bedouin, Damian Lazarus, Dinky, Dixon, DJ Three, Lum, Mathew Jonson, Metrika, Satori, Serge Devant, and Very Special Back to Back Sets.

A convergence of mysticism, music, natural wonder and apocalyptic sentiment spawned Day Zero on the final day of the Ancient Mayan Calendar in 2012. In its subsequent four chapters, it has evolved, awakening a community of curious thrill seekers and adventurers from all four corners of the globe, pulled to the Mayan jungles surrounding Tulum to celebrate the magic of one of the world’s singular events, soundtracked by some of its most exciting artists.

Day Zero has come to reflect the seamless ebb and flow of its jungle habitat, a sacred space where the sonic tools of the ancient world meet that of the new. As the event takes in sunrises and sunsets and deep late moments, one can’t help but feel the venue’s profound energy spilling forth from its caves, cenotes, and naturally formed amphitheater. It is the unparalleled vibe of this unique location, paired with Damian Lazarus musical curation, that has created a unique infusion from which the world’s best electronic music can be properly experienced in mind, body and spirit.

2016 saw the event hit full stride as it welcomed Cirque Du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte’s Red Moon to the fold, as the curator of some of the planet’s most unique and immersive environments and otherworldly performances. It was this year that Billboard Magazine reflected that Day Zero could go down in ‘party history.’

2017 will welcome a finely tuned cast of musical visionaries as Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels continues its 14 year triumph as one of the most boundary pushing names in modern dance music. Joining Lazarus in 2017 will be Crosstown cohorts like Dinky, DJ Three, Serge Devant, Mathew Johnson, and Metrika, as well as representatives from other like minded global crews such as Innervisions Âme and Dixon.

Day Zero has fostered a means for introspection through a reimagination of modern-rave and a chance for its unique community to reconnect and reawaken for the year to come.

Crosstown Rebels background
The Crosstown Rebels started their mission in 2003 powered by a modern electronic canon spearheaded by Damian Lazarus. The label has inspired countless unforgettable dance floor moments and nurtured many universally adored music makers. Soon to be entering its fourteenth year at the forefront of future-moving dance music, Crosstown Rebels remains the electronic pioneering force of the past decade.

Press Quotes

Billboard – “Every single element of the experience was acutely curated by a man that has built a career on knowing precisely what he wants and for having a keen knack at articulating it. “

Pulse Radio – “On the periphery of the jungle dancefloor gangly stilted circus performers bumped and shuffled as fire dancers spun relentlessly to the sound of Damian Lazarus working his signature worldly house”

Mixmag – “…a party you can’t help but get lost in.”

Fest300 – “Day Zero blends traditional Mayan ceremonies, local performers, arts, the lush magic of the Mayan Riviera, top house and techno talent, and the support of Damian Lazarus’s Crosstown Rebels to guide attendees’ through 24 hours of cultural, musical and self exploration in the jungle.”

Nov 01

Introducing Dinky – Flux Music

Dinky is a Chilean born, New York bred (to a degree) and Berlin based DJ, producer and live act.

At the age of twenty she put together her first album which was almost immediately snapped up by Kompakt.  Since then she has put together four more albums. Having spent months bed bound during pregnancy she recently put together her fifth artist LP, Valor on Crosstown Rebels.

Her distinctive, existential vocals and catchy acid beats are enough to captivate and wrap up any listener.

In the wake of her latest EP, ‘Slowly’ and her show with us this Friday we thought we’d talk to her about everything from family life, to integrating with new cultures.

Read the full interview here –>

Oct 30

5 Things You Should Know About Mathew Jonson – RBMA

Vancouver-born, Berlin-based electronic music ace Mathew Jonson has been around for so long now that it’s easy to take him and his distinct creations for granted. And we really shouldn’t. Thanks to a childhood surrounded by music of every ilk, from folk, blues and jazz to classical and B-boy electro, plus time spent jamming with like-minded souls in Cobblestone Jazz and the Modern Deep Left Quartet, Jonson’s unique brand of club music runs the gamut from hard-edged bass music to ethereal techno and everywhere in between.

We caught up with Jonson after his special one-off ambient DJ set at Red Bull Music Academy Montreal, where he’s also mentoring some of the event’s lucky participants, to help understand where he’s coming from. Scroll down to find out the five things you should know about this veteran producer and musician.

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Oct 30

Introducing Serge Devant – Flux Music

Serge Devant‘s career has followed a trajectory unlike any of his counterparts’. Spending his childhood at St Petersburg Music School he recalls a time watching his friends play outdoors as he slaved away to Chopin and Bach. Not understanding how any of this could be useful to him he emigrated to New York aged fourteen; from there his world changed.

Having left a crumbling communist state he began a new education influenced by the likes of Carl Cox, Underworld and Prodigy. Devant, finally free of the classroom, became immersed almost immediately in the New York scene. Looking back he observes the natural progression he made towards the DJ and producer he is now thankful for the education  he received both in the classrooms of St Petersburg and the streets of New York.

This Hollywood style story has come included with a Hollywood lifestyle. Serge has spent the past summer seasoning in Ibiza, playing Burning Man alongside the likes of Carl Cox and Jamie Jones and releasing on Damian Lazarus‘s Crosstown Rebels label. He seems to have entered the highest stratosphere of DJ.

We caught him on his was to the Amnesia Closing Party where he very kindly took the time out to explain all.

Read the full interview here on Flux Music ->

Oct 29

Get Lost Mexico City – Lee Burridge

Coming in fresh from his back to back set with Damian Lazarus at Get Lost LA no more than a month ago, it is with great pleasure that Lee Burridge joins us for the first session of Get Lost Mexico City.
Master of ceremony at his magical All Day I Dream parties we are more than excited to experience the mesmerising beats and melodies Lee has planned for the closing set this Sunday.

Oct 27

Get Lost Mexico City – DJ Tennis

It is our absolute pleasure to be joined by one of our favourites for the first session of Get Lost Mexico City.

One third of the DJ trio Wizardry, alongside Damian Lazarus and DJ Three, known for their all night long sets at the Get Lost Wizardry parties, Manfredi will be commanding the dance floor solo as we go from evening into night this coming Sunday in Mexico City

Oct 27

In The Mix: Skream Interviewed – Clash Music

It’s fair to say that Skream has been in a few clubs in his life. The man his family call Oli Jones was part of dubstep’s first generation, and helped take that penchant for bass saturation global before deciding to broaden his sound, direction, and approach.

Since then, Skream has dabbled in disco, taught a few lessons in techno, and entered house hysteria as his non-stop travels have taken him around the world countless times.

New project Open To Close takes things right back to the beginning. Skream has pieced together a very personal itinerary, taking in some of his favourite clubs around Europe. Tailoring his set to suit each club, the producer is relishing the opportunity to swap peak-time sets and festival outings to hit fans with new music all night.

“I did a similar tour in America as a way of really making the transition known from dubstep to house, disco, techno, whatever you want to call it. It worked so well! I feel like I work in a better environment playing all night because rather than just playing peak time, and playing a similar way, I can really show off the music I’m into, I guess.”

“I’ve got so many songs where I’m like, ‘I wish I could play that out, I wish I could play that out…’ and sometimes it just ain’t possible because the mood, and setting, and everything just ain’t right. But with the Open To Close tour I can literally do whatever I want.” Seizing control of his chosen club for a full night, fans can expect to hear anything that comes out of Skream’s record bag – whether that’s rare disco, up front techno, or “mad old African stuff”. It’s a project that sits close to the producer’s heart, with those formative years on the UK Garage and dubstep scenes enshrining the importance of a club setting within dance culture.

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Oct 23

Get Lost Mexico City – Damian Lazarus

In one week Damian Lazarus will bring GET LOST to Mexcio City for the first time. Coming straight out of GET LOST LA, where he and Lee Burridge played back to back all day and night, for Mexico Lazarus is joined by a strong lineup of family and friends. All taking part in making Get Lost the closing chapter of a special weekend.

Oct 21

Lazpod #31

Damian Lazarus weaves his magic once more in the latest addition in the Lazpod series.

Oct 19

Machine Love: Matthew Styles

Matthew Styles knows more about the dance music industry than most. He understands the interrelationships between record stores, distributors and labels, as well as the microscopic factors underpinning the music itself. Over the years, he’s mastered tasks that require an exacting attention to detail, whether it’s mixing down and mastering tracks for notable house and techno artists, or managing multiple record labels. He an expert in the language of frequencies and decibels but, unlike many skilled engineers, he’s also intimate with the ups and downs of the creative process. Whether it’s for Ostgut Ton, Running Back or Visionquest, Styles is an in-demand producer and remixer. For the past ten years he’s also been a regular at Panorama Bar, in Berlin, where he lives with his wife, the electronic music artist Dinky, and their young sons.

We skip over kiddy fences and squeaky toys on the way up to Styles and Dinky’s home studio. The pair used to share a space in the giant terminal building at Tempelhof, which was packed with classic and modern synths, drum machines and all manner of outboard processors. They’ve since downsized to a more manageable setup, allowing Styles to fit production time and mixing and mastering duties between trips to the daycare centre. Being equally sensitive to the fickle nature of writing music, the technical rigours of engineering and the realities of navigating the industry makes Styles’ perspective decidedly grounded. With so few illusions, he’s able to focus on the dark art of making his tracks slam.

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Oct 13

Tracks Of The Day: Serge Devant – Watch The Hype

With releases on heavyweight imprints like Crosstown Rebels, Yousef’s Circus and an inaugural release for Jamie Jones and Lee Foss’ Hot Creations sub-label Emerald City, it’s easy to say Brooklyn based producer Serge Devant has become one of the most exciting artists making his mark on the international house scene right now.

Russian-born Serge moved to New York in the 90’s and was immediately captured by the city’s thriving nightlife, which of course, went hand-in-hand with new dance music of the era. Instantly hooked on modern 90s sounds from the likes Depeche Mode and Jean Michel Jarre, Serge Devant began to discover and create a new style of electronic music – influenced directly from the culture he found himself at the heart of. A regular at legendary New York clubs like Twilo, Sound Factory and Tunnel, he soon found himself in control of the decks in his beloved city’s haunts – honing and shaping his skills and fixing him as the talented artist of today acclaimed by artists like Pirupa, Hot Since 82 and Damian Lazarus, and playing at some of the most important venues around the world including Fabric London and Space Ibiza.

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Oct 10

Get Lost LA – Dancing Astronaut Review

On September 25, Get Lost returned to LA, taking to the legendary Park Plaza Hotel for a warm Sunday evening party. Get Lost, of course, refers to the famed event brand cultivated by Crosstown Rebels head honcho Damian Lazarus that has grown into a widely adored cornerstone of underground dance music. Revelers from across the world are drawn to Get Lost parties for their cutting-edge lineups, friendly atmospheres, and all-around psychedelic experiences.

The 2016 LA edition certainly delivered all of these elements and more. In fact, this version was particularly special due to the addition of All Day I Dream leader Lee Burridge who joined Lazarus for a 5-hour b2b set –the first time the two had done so together in years.

Entering the venue, guests were transported back in time to a visual experience that felt overwhelmingly ancient Grecian in nature. A cavernous lobby lined with intricately-painted wooden ceilings and filled with copious amounts of carpets and eclectic cushions provided a cool place to chill out and breathe, or socialize with their fellow music fans. The outside area was decorated in an equally decadent manner and covered in shade, making the extreme temperatures outside bearable.

Despite being a change of pace from the usual Egyptian Theater, Park Plaza Hotel proved equally formidable for hosting an event like Get Lost, and many could be overheard admiring the new layout.

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Sep 30

Dinky Releases Her New Album ‘Valor’ On Crosstown Rebels

‘Valor’ tells a deeply personal narrative for Chilean born and Berlin based producer / DJ Dinky, her sixth album acts as a pinnacle to her steadfast and illustrious career and brought on a momentous change to her personal journey.

Esteemed for her work on labels such as Cocoon, Ostgut Ton ,Traum, Wagon Repair, Horizontal and Visionquest, and DJ residency at Berlin’s infamous Panorama Bar for over a decade, Dinky AKA Alejandra Iglesias is a trained classical guitarist, singer and keyboard player. Her voice is an anchor to ‘Valor’, it’s crisp definition loaded with intensity.

Tracks such as the driving single ‘Casa’ called out by US giants NPR for its “gorgeously layered vocals” and the fragile layers of guitar and synths on cuts like ‘Milk’ make bold unions between sublime house and techno electronics and Dinky’s live instrumentation.

Listen and purchase the album here ->