Oct 27

In The Mix: Skream Interviewed – Clash Music

It’s fair to say that Skream has been in a few clubs in his life. The man his family call Oli Jones was part of dubstep’s first generation, and helped take that penchant for bass saturation global before deciding to broaden his sound, direction, and approach.

Since then, Skream has dabbled in disco, taught a few lessons in techno, and entered house hysteria as his non-stop travels have taken him around the world countless times.

New project Open To Close takes things right back to the beginning. Skream has pieced together a very personal itinerary, taking in some of his favourite clubs around Europe. Tailoring his set to suit each club, the producer is relishing the opportunity to swap peak-time sets and festival outings to hit fans with new music all night.

“I did a similar tour in America as a way of really making the transition known from dubstep to house, disco, techno, whatever you want to call it. It worked so well! I feel like I work in a better environment playing all night because rather than just playing peak time, and playing a similar way, I can really show off the music I’m into, I guess.”

“I’ve got so many songs where I’m like, ‘I wish I could play that out, I wish I could play that out…’ and sometimes it just ain’t possible because the mood, and setting, and everything just ain’t right. But with the Open To Close tour I can literally do whatever I want.” Seizing control of his chosen club for a full night, fans can expect to hear anything that comes out of Skream’s record bag – whether that’s rare disco, up front techno, or “mad old African stuff”. It’s a project that sits close to the producer’s heart, with those formative years on the UK Garage and dubstep scenes enshrining the importance of a club setting within dance culture.

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