Mar 09
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Tsugi Premiere Joeski’s New Single ‘Tribute To Obatala’

When he comes out a little tech-house, his favourite style, Joeski can be a real explorer of the house. From discs to records, the New Yorker varies the pleasures by proposing influences sometimes African, sometimes disco, when he does not move towards the dub or the deep-house. We think The Groundfloor and The Sax Attack on Siesta Music in Lessons In Dub at Poker Flat Recordings or even “House The Casbah” his edit of the Clash.

Tomorrow, Friday 10 March, Joeski goes even further by paying tribute to the African god Obatalá with Tribute EP available at Crosstown Rebels . To get back to listening properly to this record, you first need to know a little about the subject. Obatalá is a god, an orisha in African, born of Yoruba mythology, he is a creative deity, he is considered the father of the orishas and all the humanity. It is he who protects, judges and defends his beings. So it was to this god that Joeski decided to dedicate his last EP . ” I want to do this tribute for some time now.

We present today exclusively a first excerpt of this mystical EP . A tribal piece in which Joeski plays for more than seven minutes African percussions and chants, kick house, techno beat playing with drops and climbs.

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