May 12
Lee_Van_Dowski (1)

Tsugi Premiere Lee Van Dowski ‘The Great Escape’

Passed by many labels such as Soma , Ilian Tape, BPitch Control or mobilee , Lee Van Dowski has no real attachment point. The French now based in Switzerland probably prefers to avoid locking himself in a zone of comfort detrimental to his creativity. Tomorrow he will release an EP techno titled Tale Of Ordinary Madness on Crosstown Rebels (founded by Damian Lazarus ), a label with which he had never worked. In exclusivity, you can listen to one of the three tracks, “The Great Escape”.
The only constant of Lee is surely his hypnotic universe and it is not “The Great Escape” that will prove the opposite. The producer assumes the risk of triggering some epileptic seizures with this dark title that takes the time to install its grip on the listener and that will reward the patients with a shattering outro. Huge potential on a dancefloor at rush hour. Read the full feature here

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