Heart of Sky

Artist Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons
Release date 20 Jul 2018
Catalogue CRMCD037


  1. All I Needed To Get High
  2. Spirals
  3. I Found You
  4. Five Moons (feat. Chela)
  5. Eli Eli
  6. Fly Away
  7. Lost Myself
  8. Feedback Loop
  9. Help Me Find a Way
  10. Cancello
  11. Tomorrow We Can Start Again

Fourteen years in the making, a thread of mystery weaves its way through the tapestry of this melancholic LP. It’s a true journey through a sublime sonic soundscape. Opening track Adormecido is shrouded in mystery, closely followed by Miso Drunky with its tribal drums and dramatic synth stabs. Kaléidoscope bubbles up next, swiftly followed by Tilt with its genteel cowbell. Then comes Año Uno the first track created back in 2004 with its impressive church-like bells. Suki Ni is twinkling and sublime that flows into the delicate groove of Let It Slide, which samples an ambient rain storm. The album closes on La Sandunga gracefully littered with plentiful percussion.

Of the album, the pair explain how they were “raised on old technology and integrated the newer technology in our everyday lives as it was developing” a fact that is clearly apparent upon listening to the album. They give a sonic hat tip to their “love of melancholic melodies….almost always rooted in the past, but to us, no time is attached. Are the new machines dreaming about the past, or are the new ones contemplating the future that lays ahead?”. The album proves their ability to fuse the new with the old to create an album bursting with timeless tracks.

Ernesto Ferreyra and Guillaume Coutu Dumont’s ​partnership is a true meeting of musical minds. Their first release was gifted to us way back in 2005- the Conexión Califa EP released on German imprint Raum Musik. Since then they’ve released on Musique Risquée as well as a previous EP on Crosstown Rebels. Individually, they’ve released a plethora of music with Ferreyra also heading up his own label Loosen Up Records and Guillaume signing music to Musique Risquée amongst others.