Dip Your Finger EP

Artist Just Be
Release date 16 Sep 2016
Label Rebellion
Catalogue RBL038


  1. Dip Your Finger feat. Jesse Monroe
  2. Dip Your Finger feat. Jesse Monroe (Dub)
  3. The Good Old Days
  4. The Good Old Days (After Dark Mix)

Music is often used as a means to forget, escape and withdraw from the world around us. In some cases it even has the ability to transport, and Just Be’s ‘ Dip Your Finger EP’ on Rebellion does just that. The UK born DJ and producer has created a four track release with accompanying vocals from the ethereal Jesse Monroe.

“ I’ve been spent the last six months writing futurist electronica soundscapes for the big screen so it’s been great to get back to my roots and produce some warm, moving house and tech music ­ and working with my beloved Jesse on the vocals again ­ I feel these tracks work both in the dance floor and for listening pleasure. Enjoy” – Just Be

‘Dip Your Finger’ opens up the EP with seven minutes of otherworldly goodness. Just Be seamlessly brings together Monroe’s beautiful vocals with a range of sounds that sets the tone for an immensely warm and absorbing release. All the tracks follow on from each other with a real sense of consistency and the EP closes with a deep er edit of ’ The Good Old Days’, taking the listener into the final stages of an enchanting journey.

Just Be aka Matthew Benjamin is a man of many faces. After coming of age during the late 80s and early 90s when the UK dance scene was exploding with illegal parties and acid house, he performed under the name of Matthew B. Fast forward several years and other aliases have included The End Soundsystem, Layo and Bushwacka! A long standing figure within the Ibiza scene, he has played at Amnesia, Cocoon and DC10 on numerous occasions. Behind closed doors and in the studio he has produced seven album and hundreds of tracks, releasing on labels such as XL Recordings, Get Physical, Plus 8 and End Recordings.