Quasar 27.3 EP

Artist Lee Van Dowski
Release date 23 Oct 2015
Label Rebellion
Catalogue RBL031


  1. If Only Jack Was Here
  2. Quasar 27.3 EP
  3. Bango Bango
  4. Odds & Sod

Dark prince of electronic music, ​Lee Van Dowski, is the next to make his mark on Crosstown Rebels sub­label Rebellion with his high hitting ​‘Quasar 27.3 EP’.

“Do you remember the song that was playing the night we met? No, but I remember everysong I have heard since you left.” ­ Lee Van Dowski

First up, ‘If Only Jack Was Here’ is dark and powerful, building with intensity for an epic experience. Title track ‘Quasar 27.3’ takes a deeper turn, with spacey synths that rise from the roots and penetrate the atmospherics amidst a captivating vocal hook. ‘Bango Bango’ is all about the percussion, a straight up raw kick and thundering bass is enhanced by random FX as a female vocal sweetly hums the melody. ‘Odds and Sods’ is yet another standout track that follows the same path with prominent percussions and dominant synth melodies, constantly rising with sonic energy.