Adonis Rivera


Adonis Reivera

A young attracted by the sounds of the different waves of house and techno, inspires him into the world of djs and create his own rhythms so his dj sets and musical productions are characterized by their eclectic sound and Groove full of harmonies

Adonis Rivera has become one of the relevant dj/producer in Venezuela taking decisive steps and achieving important milestones at his country and the world electronic scene with his latest releases at labels such as Hossh records, Deeperfect and Oblack Label also having a huge support from others important artists in the industry with names like John Digweed, Robert Owens, Steve Lawler, System2 and DJ T. just to name a few. His track “Vinyl Paper” featured in the “Oblack Raw Series” album released on the Oblack Label is his most successful song yet giving him a lot of exposure to big names in the industry and opening a lot of opportunities for him in the 2018.

In previous years Adonis released a couple tracks at Besworx an eclectic label in Egypt, his sound was more deep and progressive this made his productions started to be recognized and became part of several playlists at beatport and other artist’s mixes.

He started humbly in 2012 in a popular neighborhood in Caracas playing at some music lovers bars of the city to show his DJ skills. Since then the young talent has been consistent and made a name on the scene being part of important parties and local events.

In 2018 his sound evolves into a more minimalistic style and made this year the most important for the artist so far highlighting a couple releases at Oblack Label and a remix for the Spanish producer Felipe Cobos, this was just the beginning for Adonis Rivera.

The successes did not wait and he releases “Raw Material EP” in march 2019 on the London label Hossh Records being “Ramdon Future” one of the most important tracks reaching number 2 on the Beatport Minimal top 10 and also becoming part of the March selection of Dj/Producer Damian Lazarus who played this single at Sunwaves 25 Festival on Rumania and other stages around the world. This attracted the attention of other important record labels such as Deeperfect Records the label of Stefano Noferini who proposed to release a couple tracks under this label.

In July of the same year the Deeperfect Label released “One EP” which consolidates and positions Adonis in the global scene due to the Labels relevance this permitted the artist to create important relations with the staff having a couple apparitions at the radios shows of Deeperfect.

But this would not be the only wave of the success that the Venezuelan artist would surf, after some time talking with Damian Lazarus he gets the invitation to become part of Rebellion the sub-label of the Crosstown Rebels family, one of Adonis biggest influence in his career.