Doomed To Live Remixes

Artist Mokadelic
Release date 17 May 2019
Catalogue CRM217


Mokadelic – Doomed to Live is the theme tune to the hit Sky original series Gomorra. In celebration of the enchanting classic, Crosstown Rebels commissioned Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi, who produce two stunning ‘Nu Disco’ and ‘Dub’ remixes and Davide Squillace, who provides the equally impressive ‘Ethnik’ remix.

Based on the acclaimed book of the Neapolitan writer Roberto Saviano, Gomorra, is focused on the fierce Neapolitan crime organization, depicting street-level crime and its hierarchical organization from the pavement, all the way up to regional government offices. The original theme tune played a significant part in the success of the show and was quickly commissioned to be remixed. The end result of which is a stunning release featuring a selection of Italy’s seminal artists, who each represent a different aspect of the country’s long-standing affiliation to club music and culture.

Baldelli and Dionigi’s Nu Disco remix combines cosmic synth stabs alongside otherworldly pads to form a meaningful astral cut, whilst the duos Dub mix features swinging drum solos and an infectious wooing vocal throughout. Davide Squillace’s Ethnik remix of Doomed to Live is a tribal fashion, as hollow drums pave the way for a soothing, emotionally charged piano key that runs alongside shimmering Maraca sounds.

Daniele Baldelli is a veteran of the scene and considered by many to be the pioneer of Cosmic Disco, a sound that first came about during his club residencies at Italy’s Cosmic and Baia Degli Angeli. On top of this, Baldelli’s collaborator Marco Dionigi held a residency at Verona’s Alter Ego club for twenty years. Born in Italy’s Siena, it was a trip to London that ignited Davide Squillace’s passion for electronic music. The Italian native debuted as a Circoloco resident in 2007, and has founded multiple labels since, including Sketch, Hideout and Titbit.

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